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Our family farm story begins with two brothers named Brady and Claude Rhyne. Challenged to make a living and support their families on a farm with 10 other siblings, the brothers decided to look for farmland of their own. In the fall of 1916, Brady and Claude Rhyne mounted an Indian motorcycle and clattered away from their home in the rolling foothills of North Carolina. Their adventure had one mission: to find cheaper and more level farmland capable of supporting their two families. The Rhyne brothers were leaving behind a home and community which had known their family since the Revolutionary days. Their search led the brothers to a small farm for rent in Dallas County in the Central Alabama farming area known as the Black Belt. In their first year on the rented farmland, they focused on adjusting themselves to the new environmental conditions while continuing to look for farmland available to purchase. In the fall of 1917, the Rhyne brothers purchased land and moved their families to a 200-acre farm in the Lowndes County area of Benton, Alabama. They purchased the land for $45 an acre. Unfortunately, the land they purchased was sandy, worn-out cotton land in which its last four or five owners had “gone bust” trying to make a living. That winter, the brothers began planting winter cover crops such as vetch and oats. Although the first year did not afford them much income, the Rhyne’s farming habits provided tons of humus and nitrogen for the nutrient-starved soil. They also implemented crop rotation to help the fragile land thrive for generations to come. Our fourth generation farm is now over 100 years old and those original 200 acres remain a part of the acreage comprising our current family farming operation. We continue to invest in technology, innovation, and precision farming in order to pave the way for future farming generations of the Rhyne family, just as Brady and Claude Rhyne paved the way for Triple R Farms today. For a glimpse into day-to-day life on and around Triple R Farms, follow us on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.